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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Job Vacancy in Kuwait Oil Company

Kuwait Oil Company has job vacancy and is looking for highly motivated and highly skilled people in various professional fields who can assist with increasing its export production capacity from 2.5 million bopd to 4.0 million bopd by 2020.

1. Accommodation
a. A monthly housing allowance between K.D 150 until K.D 235 monthly.
b. A furniture grant between K.D 1,500 until K.D 3,000 once only (according grade)
c. water, electricity and gas, telephone, gas cooker and refrigerator are provided for free
d. Household effects insurance. All household effects against loss and damage covered
by insurance
e. There are no charges in Kuwait for local telephone calls. The company provides
telephone accommodation for employees situated in north Ahmadi.
2. Education
The company cover 90% of the actual tuition education fee up to max 4 children between age of 4 and 19 year old with paid school transportation for approximately K.D 22 per year.
3. Medical Care
Kuwait Oil Company has its own hospital base in Ahmadi. Medical treatment, medications and hospital admission are provided free for employees and families.
4. Social facilities and Sports.
Free sports center called Hubara and Unity centers, include swimming pools, tennis courts and out door athletic tracks, and multi purpose sports center with gymnasium. Ten-pin bowling and badminton.
In addition, there are many private sports facilities, swimming pool and sand beaches available in hotels and Kuwait. Company provides between K.D 300 until K.D 750 per annum to use certain facilities out side.

5. Insurance compensation
a. The sum insured in case of accidental death is 60 month's salary
b. The sum insured in case of natural death's is 24 month's salary
c. The sum insured in case of total and permanent disablement resulting sickness is 24
month's salary
d. The sum insured in case of total and permanent disablement due to accidents is 72
month's salary.
6. Salary
The salary vary between K.D 1,500 until K.D 8,000 according grade, profession and experience.


  • sir, iam sajeesh joy working as a male nurse,in dialysis department for 6yrs and ihave experienced in apollo hospitals colombo, srilanka for 3 yrs{dialysis dep.).I would like to work in kuwait oil company. can you help me sir plz. my email id is seenakjose@gmail.com

    By Anonymous seenakjose, At December 10, 2012 at 10:14 AM  

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