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Medical Equipment

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Thursday, September 8, 2011

CardioDynamics BioZ Dx ICG Machine / EKG Machine

Below Features and Benefits of CardioDynamics BioZ Dx ICG medicalquipment / EKG Machine:

The BioZ Dx is the only ICG equipment with Philips® 12-lead diagnostic ECG, providing clinicians with the unique ability to assess electrical and mechanical cardiovascular status in one convenient platform.
Comparison status report allows physicians to automatically compare a patient’s last ICG report to the current ICG report to easily identify whether a patient responded to therapy or whether their heart function has worsened or improved.
Customized report and screen parameters, data average and update intervals
High-resolution, integrated thermal printer
Color display monitor and fully integrated alphanumeric keyboard
Noninvasive oscillometric blood pressure monitor
Transport battery allows monitoring and printing without AC power
* Patented BioZ AdvaSense? Sensor and Cable System ensures reproducible data and allows quick and easy application
* Upgradeability to 12 lead diagnostic ECG from Philips Medical equipment
Upgradeability to 12 lead diagnostic ECG from Philips Medical equipment An ECG apparatus works by recording the electrical activity of the anatomy in the affection on a graph. Electrodes, usually about 10 of them, are absorbed to the being on assorted locations of the physique including the arms, legs, and chest. Some machines may accept 12-leads of electrodes that attach to the body. The electrodes again faculty the electrical activity from the affection and forward those signals out to the EKG apparatus to be recorded on a graph. Usually, an ECG apparatus can accomplish a analysis aural 5 account or less. Physicians are accomplished to apprehend the blueprint produced by an ECG machine, and accede the admeasurement and breadth of anniversary alone allotment of the book out.
Accessories Included:
* Medical Thermal Printer Paper (M1707A)
* BioZ Patient Interface Module (Model #: 5520, SN: PIM0505440315
* 8-lead Patient Cable (PN: 5550)
* Power Cord
* Philips 10-lead Patient Cable (SN: USO0508649)
* (1) SunTech Eclipse Small Adult Cuff (21-29 cm.)
* (2) SunTech Eclipse Adult Cuff (28-37 cm.)


* Enhanced stability, accuracy, and reproducibility in a broader range of patient monitoring conditions is provided with AERIS™ (Adaptive Extraction and Recognition of Impedance Signals) processing.
* Improved computation of cardiac output compared to previous ICG equations1 are now available with the Z MARC® (Modulating AoRtic Compliance) Algorithm.

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