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Medical Equipment

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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Job Vacancy in Kuwait Oil Company

Kuwait Oil Company has job vacancy and is looking for highly motivated and highly skilled people in various professional fields who can assist with increasing its export production capacity from 2.5 million bopd to 4.0 million bopd by 2020.

1. Accommodation
a. A monthly housing allowance between K.D 150 until K.D 235 monthly.
b. A furniture grant between K.D 1,500 until K.D 3,000 once only (according grade)
c. water, electricity and gas, telephone, gas cooker and refrigerator are provided for free
d. Household effects insurance. All household effects against loss and damage covered
by insurance
e. There are no charges in Kuwait for local telephone calls. The company provides
telephone accommodation for employees situated in north Ahmadi.
2. Education
The company cover 90% of the actual tuition education fee up to max 4 children between age of 4 and 19 year old with paid school transportation for approximately K.D 22 per year.
3. Medical Care
Kuwait Oil Company has its own hospital base in Ahmadi. Medical treatment, medications and hospital admission are provided free for employees and families.
4. Social facilities and Sports.
Free sports center called Hubara and Unity centers, include swimming pools, tennis courts and out door athletic tracks, and multi purpose sports center with gymnasium. Ten-pin bowling and badminton.
In addition, there are many private sports facilities, swimming pool and sand beaches available in hotels and Kuwait. Company provides between K.D 300 until K.D 750 per annum to use certain facilities out side.

5. Insurance compensation
a. The sum insured in case of accidental death is 60 month's salary
b. The sum insured in case of natural death's is 24 month's salary
c. The sum insured in case of total and permanent disablement resulting sickness is 24
month's salary
d. The sum insured in case of total and permanent disablement due to accidents is 72
month's salary.
6. Salary
The salary vary between K.D 1,500 until K.D 8,000 according grade, profession and experience.

Monday, August 22, 2011

B Braun Dialysis machine

In hemodialysis, patient has kidney failure, the patient's blood is pumped through the blood compartment of a dialyzer, exposing it to a partially permeable membrane. The dialyzer is composed of thousands of tiny synthetic hollow fibers. The fiber wall acts as the semipermeable membrane. Blood flows through the fibers, dialysis solution flows around the outside of the fibers, and water and wastes move between these two solutions.[6] The cleansed blood is then returned via the circuit back to the body. Ultrafiltration occurs by increasing the hydrostatic pressure across the dialyzer membrane. This usually is done by applying a negative pressure to the dialysate compartment of the dialyzer. This pressure gradient causes water and dissolved solutes to move from blood to dialysate, and allows the removal of several litres of excess fluid during a typical 3 to 5 hour treatment.

In the US, hemodialysis treatments are typically given in a dialysis center three times per week (due in the US to Medicare reimbursement rules); however, as of 2007 over 2,500 people in the US are dialyzing at home more frequently for various treatment lengths.[7] Studies have demonstrated the clinical benefits of dialyzing 5 to 7 times a week, for 6 to 8 hours. This type of hemodialysis is usually called "nocturnal daily hemodialysis", which a study has shown a significant improvement in both small and large molecular weight clearance and decrease the requirement of taking phosphate binders.[8] These frequent long treatments are often done at home while sleeping, but home dialysis is a flexible modality and schedules can be changed day to day, week to week. In general, studies have shown that both increased treatment length and frequency are clinically beneficial

B. Braun's Dialog+® Hemodialysis System incorporates sophisticated medical equipment while offering convenient handling in an appealing and ergonomic design.
B braun hemodialysis equipment achieves ideal balance easy to operate with flat screen technology and color touch screen, monitor designed flat for easy handling.
B Braun Dialog System

* Fully rotatable flat screen monitor
* Icon driven touch screen system
* Automatic machine shut-off after disinfection cycle is complete
* Definable user profiles for UF, Na, Bicarb, Temperature, Dialysate and Heparin
* Patient Diskette System
* Profiling capability
* Auto On/Auto Off Timer

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Dräger Divan ventilator

Current models ventilator
Dräger Divan ventilator

New medical equipment has released in market with new product Drager Divan ventilator.The 6000 series machines were first launched in 1998 and were the first model in cooperation between Drager Germany and North American Drager in Telford PA. The machine utilizes the German designed Divan ventilator that is a under the table top piston ventilator. The ventilator controls are soft key LED numerics with a trim knob located below the table top. The Divan vent offers Volume, Pressure and SIMV modes of operation. The aluminum encased heated compact breathing system provides enhanced performance over prior models. The 6000 series has a color touch screen display for all ventilator parameters including built in gas analysis. An optional IPM module that adds multi parameter patient monitoring is available. The vaporizers are positioned on the left side of the machine and there are 2 positions. The unit has one drawer and a built in auxiliary oxygen flow meter. The production of this model ended in 2007.
Drager Medical Equipment - Narkomed 6400 Series Anesthesia Workstation
The Narkomed 6400 is the latest enhancement to the Narkomed 6000 Series product line, representing the evolution of Dräger's well-established Narkomed technology.

The Narkomed 6400 anesthesia equipment provides an intelligent approach to integration. Innovative technologies are combined to provide true clinical benefits to the patient and user. State of the art computer technology integrates hemodynamic and respiratory monitoring onto a single color touch screen display. The open interface allows the export of monitored data for communication with anesthesia information systems, such as the Drager Saturn system. At the heart of the Narkomed 6400 is the DIVAN ventilator. This electrically driven piston ventilator has set the standard for anesthesia ventilation around the world.

The Dräger Divan ventilator equipment is a modern ventilator, offering features such as: pressure control mode, SIMV, correction for compliance losses, and integrated electronic PEEP. Unlike the ADU, newer Dräger absorber heads warm the gases in the breathing circuit. Also unique is that fresh gas flow does not add to delivered tidal volume ("fresh gas decoupling"- see New features above on this page). The Divan is limited to a pressure of 70 cm water- so it cannot ventilate patients in VCV mode beyond this pressure (although, again, it is possible and even perhaps preferable to ventilate the ARDS patient with pressure control mode). It is installed on the Narkomed 6000/6400.
Unlike most other anesthesia ventilators , there are no visible bellows on the NM6000 Divan ventilator.This medical equipment is unique among current models in having a horizontal piston which is hidden within the writing surface of the gas machine. To provide a visible indication of lung inflation, fresh gas is diverted to the manual breathing bag, which inflates during mechanical ventilator inspiration, and deflates during expiration. A disconnect will cause the manual breathing bag to gradually lose volume (in addition to activating other apnea alarms). A pressure transducer within the ventilator measures compliance losses and leaks in the total breathing circuit (absorber head and corrugated limbs).
The Fabius GS has a piston ventilator as well, but the piston is mounted vertically to the left of the flowmeters and is visible through a window.
Features Equipment

• Flowmeters: traditional mechanical/pneumatic (needle valves and glass flowtubes), but electronic capture of fresh gas flows has recently been added. Minimum oxygen flow 150 mL/min. Pneumatic ORC (oxygen ratio controller) for hypoxic guard.
• Breathing circuit: The absorber head is warmed, and the breathing circuit is lower volume (1.5 L absorbent volume). Only loose carbon dioxide absorbent granules may be used. The machine is not compatible with non-rebreathing circuits.
• Electrical power failure: 30 minute battery reserve with fresh gas, vaporizers, monitors, and ventilator operational.

Shipping Information

The standard default shipment method is UPS Ground service. Overnight UPS is also offered. Large medical equipments like ultrasound machines will ship with a insured national freight company. Freight rate will be determined after order is placed. We will get back to you with a shipping quote for your approval.

International shipments for smaller items is made via UPS expedited service. Larger items will ship with a international air freight carrier.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Accu Check Aviva Meter System

A glucose meter is a medical device for determining the approximate concentration of glucose in the blood. It is a key element of home glucose monitoring with diabetes people. A small drop of blood, obtained by pricking the skin with lancet, is placed on a glucose strip, then meter displays the level in mg/ dl or mmol/l.

ACCU Chek AVIVA meter system shows with new ergonomic design, come with rubber gripper in the side of meter, result comes 5 second after blood drop to glucose strip. Simple coding meter, comes with codes chip, easy holding, large place screen, simple on and off button. Can store 50 test result in the memory. At the top of the meter infra red window allows transfer data from the middle to computer or PDA. Avoid painful retesting and waste fewer strips with the ACCU-CHEK Aviva meter system, 200 test battery life, preferred on most health care plan formula test. May save money. Manufactured in the United States.

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